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Numa'lo is the chamoru word meaning

to return, to revive

We are on a mission to provide Guåhan with the ease and accessibility of adopting a zero waste lifestyle, where we create less waste and more conscious consumption habits. Our island is sacred, and it is our ancestral responsibility to return to a more sustainable way of living.

Refill Love
Refill Love

" I did my laundry a day ago and tried the lemongrass bergamot cedar wood concentrate. Guess what? My clothes smelled amazing, as well as our laundry room (like I'm doing laundry in a spa). Also, the clothes came out soft without using fabric softener. I highly recommend this product. This is my 3rd sustainable product swap this year with Numa’lo and my new favorite. :) "

Michelle Kamber
Refill Love

" I purchased the tea tree and lavender castile soap. I use it for everything. From hand soap and showering to laundry and mopping my floors. A little goes a long way! My cats are happier now that I'm using this product over the usual store bought floor cleaners and soaps. The scent is not over powering and perfectly mild. I highly recommend to those who just don't have the time to buy different products and brands. I don't have to spend time after time reading all the labels to ensure it's safe for my cats and the environment. "

Jessica Lee
Refill Love

"My absolute favorite smelling product is the plumeria lotion. It smells so luxurious. I feel absolutely pampered. I love the concept of being able to refill all of my basics without plastic. My zero waste journey started with people laughing at me when I asked for plastic-free products. Now, there are two amazing, friendly and innovative women pioneering a social green revolution."

Tori Manley
Refill Love

I have struggled with acne for a loooong time. All the exfoliating products I’ve used have felt too harsh or not strong enough. By some miracle, this is JUST right. Sunscreen, sweating, hormones, wearing make up etc. it has tackled them all! The scrub provides such a gentle, oil absorbing cleanse—I feel like my pores are actually clean without feeling completely stripped. Oh and my skin is SO SOFT and hardly break out now!! Will definitely be buying more ✨

Jamey Meteer

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