Zero Waste Model

from our supply chain to our customers

We strictly work with vendors who provide us products with zero waste. This means products are delivered in packaging that is completely recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable. Our refill vendors also comply with our closed-loop system, where products are delivered to us in containers that are later emptied, sanitized, and returned for reuse. If containers cannot be returned for reuse, they are donated to local companies that give them a second life.

We take pride in modeling this process for our customers, so they can do the same when refilling!

BYOC (Bring Your Own Container)

BYOC, purchase one from us, or choose from our basket of FREE donations. All containers must be clean, empty, and dry.


Place your EMPTY container (with its top) on the scale. Using a wax pencil, write the weight directly on the container.


Fill your container with product of choice. Remember to leave some space for your top to go back on. Be careful not to spill!


Bring your filled container to checkout, and we'll do the math to calculate the total cost of your refill.