we thrive off our

Zero Waste Model

We strive to be a "zero waste" company, which means we produce little to no waste as possible. Learn about our efforts to divert plastic waste.

The Refill Process


Bring your own container, purchase one from us, or choose from our basket of FREE donations.


We note the empty (tare) weight of your container before charging per oz.


We fill your container with your product of choice and reweigh it a second time.

#4 PAY

We do the math, so you only pay for the weight of the product. Save money and the environment!

it all starts with our

Closed-Loop System

We strictly work with companies who agree to work with our closed-loop system, where products have a circular lifespan and zero waste is created. Containers are sanitized and returned back to the supplier to reuse or repurposed and given a second life. We take pride in modeling this process for our customers, so they can do the same when refilling!