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Bentonite Clay

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Also known as Sodium Bentonite or Montmorillonite, Bentonite Clay is a healing clay best known for its skin healing properties. When applied to the skin, it essentially absorbs toxins and poisons that get trapped in the skin. The clay originates from the mountainous Wyoming region and mined directly from the earth. It’s coloring can range from light gray to off-white with little to no odor. It’s filled with minerals and has a shelf life of 4-5 years.

Bentonite is activated with liquid. It is commonly used with water or apple cider vinegar for a detox mask for the face, armpits, or even feet.

DO NOT mix with a metal spoon. Please mix with a wooden spoon as its powerful properties can pull from metal utensils. It is extremely powerful, so it isn't recommended for everyday use.

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