Off-Island Shipping

Don't have a refillery near you, or want to support us from afar? We now ship off-island to the United States and other Mariåna Islands!

zero waste packaging

All tape, labels, fillers, and boxes used in shipment are 100% recycled and compostable

closed-loop pouches

Order liquid refill products in plastic pouches that you can send back for us to sanitize & reuse

Supported regions

Shipping available for the United States, Northern Marianas Islands, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, and Palau

Why Plastic Pouches?

If you're ordering from off-island, chances are you don't have a zero waste refillery in your region.

To make zero waste living accessible, we offer liquid refill products in BPA-free plastic pouches. These pouches are made of 93% less plastic than a regular plastic bottle. All pouches come with a pre-paid return label and mailer to send back for us to sanitize and reuse.