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Did you know conventional kitchen sponges and body loofahs harbor bacteria and mold? They're also made from plastic material that gets washed down the drain and enters our oceans and water streams. 

Natural loofah sponges are an eco-friendly alternative grown from a gourd in the cucumber family. They're completely compostable at the end of their shelf-life and can be sterilized between uses. Loofahs are used to exfoliate and cleanse skin as well as to clean dishes, counters, floors, or any hard-to-clean surfaces that need abrasion. 

  • Non-GMO
  • Non-treated
  • 100% Natural 

Grown in Ipan, Guåhan



After use, rinse thoroughly of any product and wring out moisture. Hang to dry and prevent bacteria growth.

Disinfect your loofah every week by soaking it in hot water with baking soda or soaking it in tea tree oil (DO NOT put it in the dryer or microwave- let it dry naturally in the sun or by hanging it).

Any sign of mold or a musty odor are signs that your loofah has reached its lifespan. Shelf life of 4 weeks if stored properly.



100% Naturally Dried & Peeled Gourd

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